Art-related training facilities

Premium Location

A special ambience for stylish celebrations: Whether in the versatile outdoor areas with pool area or the numerous different, individually decorated, stylish rooms - enjoy the pure variety of special.

Rooms 2 (largest space: 400 m2)
Region München, Taufkirchen
Premium Location
MVG Museum
MVG Museum

The over 5,000 m² large former industrial Hall, part of the tramway main workshop of the MVG, is home to the new MVG Museum, which documents the history of over 130 of the Munich public transport.

Rooms 2 (largest space: 4.000 m2)
Region München, Ramersdorf - Perlach
Premium Location
Schlosscafé im Palmenhaus
Schlosscafé im Palmenhaus

Exclusivity in Royal ambience: the Palm House boasts the unique atmosphere in the middle of the baroque garden of the Park of the Nymphenburger. The location offers space for events with up to 350 people.

Rooms 1 (largest space: 113 m2)
Region München, Neuhausen-Nymphenburg
Bunker bar under the earth near Starnberg

The bunker was once subordinate to the Federal Office for civil protection and is now privately owned. We see called us not fall into oblivion the history of this extraordinary place to be. Suitable for parties, exhibitions and exceptional events. Bar / Gallery.

Rooms 2 (largest space: 150 m2)
Region Weilheim-Schongau, Pähl
Club with lighted water running and outdoor

Traumlocation - complete event venue in the heart of Munich for every occasion with large outdoor area, offices and preparation kitchen including gastro or without. The highlight next to the old Vault is a lighted Creek which runs through the location.

Rooms 1 (largest space: 1.500 m2)
Region München, Sendling
Bright and versatile LOFT Maxtor suburb

LOFT located in the Museumsquartier. With skylights and lighting system. Clear lines and colourful details. Versatile designable and flexible to use. 3 minutes to the Metro, 4 minutes to the "Museum"line and just 5 minutes to the Museum Brandhorst and art gallery.

Rooms 1 (largest space: 120 m2)
Region München, Maxvorstadt
Creative space with a lot of art and design

Kreativraum München Leuchtet offers a space of 160 sqm; the perfect setting for meetings, seminars, coachings, workshops, presentations, events and creative work like, film and photography.

Rooms 3 (largest space: 90 m2)
Region München, Neuhausen-Nymphenburg
Vegan bar & bistro in Schwabing-West

The location is a small vegan restaurant in Schwabing West. We have a guest room, a sun terrace and a detachable seminar room with a projector. Our location between Luitpold - and Olympic Park is perfect for seminars with natural exercises or simple relaxation during breaks.

Rooms 2 (largest space: 49 m2)
Region München, Schwabing-West
Summer open air location with circus character

A nostalgic-looking and acting for guests fascinating location directly on the outskirts of Munich. Indoor and outdoor use, capacity up to 2,000 persons, premises can be booked partially or completely. Available from July to September 2018.

Rooms 1 (largest space: 380 m2)
Region München, Schwabing-Freimann
Museum for street & urban art in the Center

Graffiti, stencil art, glued posters. The art of the street has a Museum in Munich, which in turn sees itself as an open meeting place for art lovers. The Museum mainly devoted of street and urban art and offers an interesting venue for events.

Rooms 4 (largest space: 200 m2)
Region München, Altstadt-Lehel