Workshop rooms in Munich with spiritual character

Club with lighted water running and outdoor

Traumlocation - complete event venue in the heart of Munich for every occasion with large outdoor area, offices and preparation kitchen including gastro or without. The highlight next to the old Vault is a lighted Creek which runs through the location.

Rooms 1 (largest space: 1.500 m2)
Region München, Sendling
Vegan bar & bistro in Schwabing-West

The location is a small vegan restaurant in Schwabing West. We have a guest room, a sun terrace and a detachable seminar room with a projector. Our location between Luitpold - and Olympic Park is perfect for seminars with natural exercises or simple relaxation during breaks.

Rooms 2 (largest space: 49 m2)
Region München, Schwabing-West
Summer open air location with circus character

A nostalgic-looking and acting for guests fascinating location directly on the outskirts of Munich. Indoor and outdoor use, capacity up to 2,000 persons, premises can be booked partially or completely. Available from July to September 2018.

Rooms 1 (largest space: 380 m2)
Region München, Schwabing-Freimann
Invitata - Creative Rooms in Munich

Be our guest in a unique location in the heart of Munich. Creative atmosphere and modern interior without overloading. Book our Studio as a seminar room, meeting room or meeting room. Workshop equipment and Beamer are available.

Rooms 3 (largest space: 65 m2)
Region München, Au-Haidhausen
City loft Munich

The light-filled loft Gallery and 6 ceiling Windows has an international flair by the extravagant architecture. There is a high-quality and modern kitchen and two bathrooms, two bedrooms, and a dressing room.

Rooms 1 (largest space: 185 m2)
Region München, Maxvorstadt
Studio with sculpture garden

Atelier with roof garden, 3400 square meters, 360 ° panoramic view, 3-tier, roof top, sculpture garden, high-rise, loft, pavilions, Penthouse, intimate, secluded, cultural enrichment of Munich, exclusive, stunning Sunrise/sunsets, individually

Rooms 3 (largest space: 3.400 m2)
Region München, Thalkirchen-Obersendling-Forstenried-Fürstenried-Solln
Celebration in a beautiful setting

Premises for its own events, such as E.g. corporate events, public events, private parties, Geburstagsfeier with cake order. We provide on request catering and service staff.

Rooms 1 (largest space: 100 m2)
Region München, Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt
Theater location with a stage and catering

Flexible space for your creativity! Restaurant as theater space can meet any of your design needs - from the showcase to the jewellery exhibition, by the annual meeting up to the photo shoot, by the presentation of the product to the Yoga seminar!

Rooms 2 (largest space: 96 m2)
Region München, Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt