Idyllic waterfront property with old country house

Landkreis Starnberg

/ Wörthsee

House was the House in 1924 as cottage built in the country house style and is largely in its original condition. The ground floor consists of a large lounge with tiled stove and a sunroom to the Lake. The upstairs has 3 bedrooms and a balcony with stunning views over the Wörthsee. The floors are made of wood. The House is located in an elevated position above the Lake on a sunny southern slope.

More buildings In the upper part of the plot both in its original condition, approximately built in 1930 is located next to the House a wooden house and a garage.

Garden of the romantic natural garden has a size of approximately 7400 m2 and is very nice. The trees of old beech, spruce and birch has about 3000 m2. There is an unpaved pond with fish in the middle of the garden. The lower part of the garden runs flat to down the shore.

Shore the shore is mostly unpaved, and offers a free, unobstructed views of the Lake. In fine weather, you can see the Alps including Zugspitze. A wooden pier and boathouse made of wood (approx. 1924), which is still in the original state is located on the shore. The water is not deep near the shore and shimmering turquoise in the Sun.

Overall, fabulous, resembles the estate from a different time and has its very own charm in every season.

  • Film-/photo location
  • Country house
  • Villa
  • Flat
  • House
Room with solid wood belt floor (24.5 m2), wood-beamed ceilings, tiled stove and adjacent sunroom (14.4 m2) to the Lake, filling doors (painted white).
Suitable for
    Film / photo production
Billing type
Rent per day
Area (sq. m.) Length (m) Width (m) Height (m)
Rentable days
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Before feast days
Rentable hours
Before Mid-day Afternoon In the evening Upon consultation
Distances to public transportation
Distances by car
  • Parking lots up to 10
Points of interest
  • Own catering
  • Countryside
  • Mountains
  • On water
  • Forest
  • Jungle
  • BBQ
  • Adventure
  • Environmental protection
Sound equipment
  • No sound system
Light equipment
  • No light system
High voltage
  • Can be set up
Climate control
  • Mobile heater
Sanitary installation
  • Toilets shared m/f
Private cinema
  • None
Special characteristics
  • Wintergarden
  • Old building (until 1950)
  • Balcony
  • Terrace
Interior style
  • Rustic
  • Rurally
  • Natural light
  • Darkenable
Open air space
  • Fenced in
  • Meadow
  • Next to lake

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82237 Wörthsee/Walchstadt