Salt world deep inside the mountain

Landkreis Berchtesgadener Land

/ Berchtesgaden

A 250-million-year-old salt world deep in the heart of the mountain - this location is unique in Western Europe and has attracted any visitors captivated. Particularly suitable for closed corporate events!

You take the train in the tunnel, hang your jacket on the hook and enter another world. Not only symbolically let back out there the world for a few hours.

You can use the location in two ways:

Wellness event
You get stressed out employees and customers with a concert of sound or wave music rest and relaxation.
Experience a special event with candle lighting. Whether it be for singing bowls or sound artists who bring out the fascinating acoustics of the Hall with several sound instruments. Warm blankets, while the light installations complement acoustic impressions.

But also a concert in this location is an experience for customers and employees. From gospel to soul, from Alpine music to classical music: The sound characteristics of the salt world make possible comforting goose bumps experience, not a normal concert hall could ever cause. You are surrounded by nothing more than salt, on concern (or sitting in rows of chairs) cosy warm blankets packed in, because the temperature is constantly 12 degrees.

It is the only known place where you relax lying down can experience a common event in a unique atmosphere. Especially in today's stressful times, these were welcome moments of recreation for many satisfied customers and guests!

The salt world accommodates participants events lying up to 70, at concerts, there are chairs up to 250.

You can take our services as an agency on behalf of customer. Our team will be happy to answer all questions to the event procedure, conditions and other!

Events since

09 / 2007

  • Event venue
  • Other location
Suitable for
  • Concert
  • Presentation
  • Company/society event
250 million year old salt world, deep in the mountain. 200 PAX in theatre style, lying 70 PAX.
Suitable for
    Concert Presentation Company/society event
Billing type
Rent per day (3.800 €)
Area (sq. m.) Length (m) Width (m) Height (m)
Rentable days
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Before feast days
Rentable hours
Before Mid-day Afternoon In the evening Upon consultation
Distances to public transportation
  • Train station 1001 - 5000 m
Distances by car
  • Highway more than 10 km
  • Central station up to 5 minutes
  • City centre up to 5 minutes
  • Parking lots more than 100
  • Public parking easy to find
  • No own beverages
  • No own catering
  • Smoking prohibited
Not rentable for
  • Commercial dance parties
  • Private event
  • Below ground
Theatre / concert rooms
  • Backstage area
Sound equipment
  • Sound system suitable for concerts
Light equipment
  • Small light system
High voltage
  • Available
Climate control
  • Stage
  • Catering through location possible
Sanitary installation
  • Toilets separate m/f
Special characteristics
  • Ceiling >13 ft. / 4m
Interior style
  • Artificial light
Ceiling-high window
Parquet floor
Open air space
  • Next to river

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